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The critics don't just like Ike, they LOVE him!!

"The main reason to see “Eisenhower”? Actor John Rubinstein’s earnest portrayal of Ike... perfectly cast... John Rubinstein...brings our34th president back to life... filled with timely political lessons... (Rubinstein) assumes the role with such concentrated ease that it’s as if…(Eisenhower) has been allowed a temporary reprieve from death to talk some sense into a nation that has lost its way."

- Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

"a tale for all Americans.... a tour-de-force performance by the talented John Rubinstein... Fascinating.. Enlightening... Amusing"

- Elaine Mura, Los Angeles Splash Magazine


"Not since "Give 'em Hell Harry" has a show offered such surprising and timely insight into an American President... It is a historic masterpiece from playwright Richard Hellesen... Moral Courage radiates through John Rubinstein's brilliant portrayal... a skillfully-crafted piece under the direction of Ellenstein... packed with emotional depth, Rubinstein commands the stage with a powerful presence... a show that could go straight to Broadway..."

- Margie Barron, Entertainment Today


"...brilliantly written by Richard Hellesen. John Rubinstein's portrayal of Eisenhower is as meaningful as it is mesmerizing. …He embodies the essence of this great and complex man... Rubinstein is as compelling and authentic as Eisenhower himself with no affectation, no maneuvering, only insight and truth, and utterly masterful talent. John Rubinstein is an actors' actor. This is the perfect vehicle for his depth, his dazzling darkness, and his humanity. Deftly directed by Peter Ellenstein... "Eisenhower: This Piece of Ground" is theatre at its absolute best. It educates us, it inspires us….I urge you to see this play. Bravo!!!"

- Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, NoHo Arts District


"Tony Award winner John Rubinstein virtually becomes Dwight D. Eisenhower in this tour de force... dynamic and at times, quietly moving, performance; he commands the audience's attention throughout. The actor's energy and passion never wane under the unobtrusive, smooth direction of Peter Ellenstein. ...just the right amount of humor."

- Iris Mann, Stage Raw

"Entertainment par excellence, but an informative history lesson as well. John Rubinstein is a brilliant choice for the portrayal of Eisenhower. He fills the role... with such gusto, passion, and dedication. ...this production Is awesome and awe inspiring in one. It is uplifting, educational, humorous, and powerful. You will be enthralled from start to finish, and bedazzled by this evocative, and incredible relevance to our present world."

- Bonnie Priever, Curtain Up!


"It's subtle and hits the mark without naming names or getting didactic... As Eisenhower, John Rubinstein commands the stage from his opening appearance to his final exit... he also gives Ike a gentle and sly humor."

- Rob Stevens, Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle


"John Rubinstein... commanding the stage with impressive skill and flair... the Colossus had a human side and that comes through beautifully in this skillfully acted, directed, and produced show.. not only edifying but satisfying..."

Willard Manus, Total Theatre

"Actor John Rubinstein captures (Eisenhower's) dignity and authoritative air... reaches us emotionally as well as intellectually."

- Mona Murphy Martell, Theatre Spoken Here

"..brilliant Tony Award-winning John Rubinstein... a masterful monument of acting on Rubinstein's part"

- Eric A. Gordon, People's World


"engaging... fascinating... Humanity, humor and intelligence... captivating... graceful."

Christine Meyers, Where Is Cookie

"masterfully delivered……performed to perfection...a remarkably complex, brilliant performance"

- Michael Edwards, Discover Hollywood

"Good actors give voice to a character. Great actors give them a soul. Director Peter Ellenstein has skillfully crafted the environment... using a procession of ethereal images, rising and fading as memories do, Ellenstein fashions a chimerical channel between the audience and the actor. Eisenhower: This Piece of Ground is not a history lesson, It is a time machine."

- Earnest Kearney, the tvolution


"Rubinstein's rendition of Eisenhower was captivating and convincing. So convincing, that I wanted to stand from my seat, hand raised and ask a couple of questions."

- Megan Cansino, LA Journal

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