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Announcing The Return:

“Inspired by the Past – Envisioning the Future”

LOS ANGELES (August15, 2022) – Announcing the NEW LOS ANGELES REPERTORY COMPANY is officially back. The original Los Angeles Repertory Company was founded in 1966. From its founding until it paused operations in 2006, LA Rep strove to bring theatrical experience to its highest form. New LA Rep is now developing a series of productions on the theme Plays for Peace. This Plays for Peace series begins in late October with a new play by Richard Hellesen, “Eisenhower: This Piece of Ground.”

“For all that we cherish and justly desire -- for ourselves or for our children -- the securing of peace is the first requisite.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

New LA Rep is committed to plays that matter, plays that are meaningful to the audiences of today; that offer hope rather than fatalism; that use the unique strengths of theatre, powerful language, extraordinary performances and searing empathic connection to the hearts and minds of their audience.

New LA Rep is inspired by the vision of the original co-Founder and Artistic Director, Robert Ellenstein, who received LA Weekly’s career achievement award in 1994 for his lifetime of contributions to the theatre. New LA Rep’s aims are both educational and inspirational. Their primary concerns are creating a vivid theatrical world through maintaining high standards for production of important plays, and reaching out to new audiences. Productions seek to ensure that no single element dominates (be it the acting, setting, lighting, costumes, music), but rather, everything serves to clarify and enhance the experience of the total play.

New LA Rep began its rebirth in the months before the Pandemic. Under the leadership of Producing Artistic Director Peter Ellenstein and the collaboration of many past members and artists, the group will carry the stellar legacy of the original LA Rep’s productions into an exciting future; reigniting the intense theatrical passion and attention to detail that LA Rep’s founders envisioned back in 1966.


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